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Getting Started

PicPerf’s goal is to make upgrading your site’s image performance really easy. You won’t need to mess with any DNS, move your images anywhere, or process them in any way. Instead, all you need to do is sign up for an account and prefix your site’s image URLs.

Create an Account

Create an account here. No card is required. I’ll never touch any of your credentials. Authentication is run by Clerk.

Set Your Domain

In order to successfully optimize image, you’ll need to specify which domains you’ll be using to serve images (there’s no need to do anything with the image files themselves). For example, if my image usually lives at, your domain would be No need to include https:// or www.

About the Trial

When you first sign up, you’ll be registered for a 14-day trial of PicPerf. Try it out on a few of your images to see how it’ll work. When you’re ready, click “Upgrade Subscription” to switch to the ongoing plan. If you’re an agency or anyone else who needs a particular type of plan, just get in touch and we’ll craft something a little more unique.